Cattlemen Work To Protect Consumers and a Gutless Coward Mocks Them For It

The truth is that being motivated by fear, and standing up to it by being honest and open about it, is actually the definition of courage.

The reason Michael Pellman Rowland doesn’t understand the concept of fear and courage is because he is a gutless coward. In truth, he is the one that is scared. Scared that his beloved fake meats might have to carry labels explaining what they really are. Scared that consumers will see the truth behind the fake meat industry's lies. Scared that his readers might find out that he is actually not a Journalist, but an activist.

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Tyson Foods Joins Cargill in Turning Their Backs on Farmers and Ranchers

I am not a Journalist. I am the 5th generation of my family to work on the farm. This is a photograph of my Grandfather Glenn Barr. He is standing on a cattle tub helping us work cattle, when he was around 90 years old. He was not there for a paycheck or because we needed his help. He was there because that is where he belonged.

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