The Walkman Wreck

Just getting bucked off certainly doesn’t qualify as a wreck. But that buckskin wasn’t done with me. Although he had about 150,000 acres to choose where to run, he chose to make a 100-yard circle and come right back at the stunned cowboy standing there hatless, surrounded by remnants of a Walkman and a Marshall Tucker tape.

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A Common Man’s Thoughts on Climate Change

Scientist are continually beating us over the head with their thoughts on climate change. Maybe its time they hear my thoughts. I am not a Scientist, and I don’t think I am smarter than those who are. Unlike most everyone else who isn’t a scientist, but talks, or writes about climate change, I am not going to pretend to be one.

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Jim Mundorf Comment
The Medias War on Meat and The Scientist Fighting for Truth

In the process of writing a short something about an article I wanted to share, I stumbled into an internet rabbit hole, that shook me to my core. Google, the top internet search engine in the world’s top news results for, “meat” tell people how meat is being replaced, lay out step by step plan to eat less of it, and for those who don’t want to eat it less, they explain how to tax it and force people to eat less.

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