Sammy Sosa Becomes Western Fashion Icon

sammy sosa.jpg

I'm speechless. Where do you start with this guy? The hat, the shirt, the tie, the gigantic gun strapped to his leg, the new skin color? He pulls it all together so seamlessly! His gal must've forgot to get her carry permit and is going with the empty holster look here. But that's alright. If I had a guy following me around with, "a big horse pistol like that I wouldn't be scared of no booger man." 

If you're not familiar with Sammy Sooser, he and Mark McGwire saved baseball back in 1998 by pumping themselves full of steroids and hitting more home runs than anyone ever thought possible. In a time when it seemed that all baseball players were cheating by roiding up Sammy went above and beyond and was actually using a corked bat as well. Then in 2005, he defied all expectations when he was subpoenaed to appear in front of Congress. He was called to testify about steroid use in baseball, and mysteriously, he forgot how to speak English. Also, he used to be black. 


If you're wondering why I called him Sammy Sooser, here is Ted Kennedy trying to say Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire. Its hilarious. 

P. S. Go Cards!

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