By Jim Mundorf

The geniuses of higher education decided to implement Meatless Mondays into the dining program at the University of Iowa. The idea is the brain child of two of their students who I will refrain from naming or talking about because they are probably to young to handle hearing what I really think about their level of intelligence. Students should not be blamed for things like this because students are stupid. I was a college student once and you would not believe some of the stupid things I did. No, the blame for this goes on the people who should know better but are also monumentally stupid, the faculty, staff and the entire University. 

They say they are doing this to help the environment. The Daily Iowan reports, "According to the nonprofit group Meatless Mondays, livestock is responsible for 15 percent of greenhouse-gas emissions." That is a lie. It is a lie that was told by another stupid person at the 2007 United Nations. It has been debunked and proven wrong more times than you can shake a stick at. A climate change reporter at Newsweek recently reported how wrong it was and I wrote about that article here, Newsweek has Proclaimed that Eating Meat is not Destroying the Planet. The most extensive work done on the subject was done by Frank Mitloehner, Animal Science Professor and Air Quality Specialist at the University of California, Davis. You can read that here. 

Unfortunately the lie that was told was instantly grabbed on to and swallowed whole by every animal rights activist in the world. Now the lie is being regurgitated by poor little innocent students that just don't know better and of course the mindless faculty love it. So to help the world save itself from cows and get a start on going vegan the University of Iowa has instituted the animal rights activist's Meatless Mondays program.

America Needs Farmers. That's what they like to say at the University of Iowa. The ANF sticker was put on the teams football helmets by Coach Hayden Frye back in the 80's during the farming crisis. Its a tradition that continues today. It gives everyone a nice warm fuzzy feeling when they think about how much funding agriculture provides their state and their University. Unfortunately actions by the University do nothing but show that in reality they don't give a damn. 

I'm not sure if they have an economics class at the University that covers supply and demand but if you break it down meatless monday reduces the demand, or NEED for livestock, which in turns reduces the NEED for grain, which then reduces the NEED for every single farmer in the state of Iowa and every state in America. So what the University is trying their hardest to do is reduce America's NEED for Farmers. But I'm sure they will still wear the sticker and they will all pretend to be real supportive. They will still get that warm fuzzy feeling at the ball game when they see it, but when it comes down to actions they have proven once again that they just don't give a damn.