A bull got loose in Brooklyn NY, and the police stole him and gave him away.

And the man on such a horse after such cattle will have a dose of life injected into him stronger than any goat serum ever invented.
— J. Frank Dobie

By Jim Mundorf

A bull escaped from a slaughter house in Brooklyn NY last week, and a plan was quickly hatched to use some soccer nets to catch him. 

Cow net.jpg
cow net1.jpg

It would've been a handy trick if they'd of caught him in those nets, but unfortunately they never got a chance, or more likely they got to the bull, looked at each other and thought, what the hell do we do now. Either way the police came and tranquilized him and loaded him up. 

cow net2.jpg

I'm not sure if the NYPD realizes it, but when cows get out you can't just load them up and haul them off to find a new home. I'm no lawyer, but where I come from that's called stealing. And you also can't just hand him off to the first nutbag that shows up to take him. 

Well I guess its finders keepers in New York, because that seems to be what they did. All the animal nuts in New York were pleading on Twitter not to harm the precious creature. Then Mike from Skyland Animal Sanctuary showed up and got himself a bull. If you're wondering if Mike's crazy or not, he has named the bull Shankar, one who brings about happiness or prosperity. 

cow net3.jpg

There was no mention of if the slaughterhouse was paid or not. There's not much meat on those bones but they must've paid something for him. Anyway from the looks of them ears and the fact that he's already been jumping fences, I have a feeling that Mikes gonna have his hands full. I doubt they castrate there at the animal sanctuary and I'd bet it won't be long before Shankar is tearing the hell out of everything and going wherever he damn pleases. I know of only one way to calm a Brahma bull down, and that's to cut his nuts off. Good luck Mike. 

This this little fiasco reminded me of a few years back when some cows got loose in Lubbock TX. They do things a little different down there, and it lead to one of the best interviews ever given.