Cowboys: A Documentary Portrait, Maybe the Greatest Thing Ever Filmed

I maybe slightly biased but this looks like the greatest film ever put together. I love a good documentary, its just that so few of them come out any more that actually document anything.  This one looks to be different.  

"People don't understand that Cowboys even exist. They don't even know that this part of the world exists." That is the truth and it is a problem. As fewer and fewer people have any connection to agriculture it has become more important than ever to keep people informed and connected. Unfortunately the majority of the people reporting on agriculture for mainstream publications are idiots that have no idea what they are reporting on. Whats worse is that they aren't reporting to inform but to persuade. They are more activist than reporter. Good luck finding a story about agriculture in the mainstream media, that doesn't talk about sustainability, antibiotics, GMOs, organic, the list goes on and on. I'm not saying that there aren't important issues to be discussed. I'm just saying it'd be nice to learn about the people that actually grow the food once in a while, and I'm not talking about the guy picking green beans in his backyard, but the people that are actually growing the countries food supply.

Documentaries are no different.  Hardly any of them come out anymore that actually document anything. Most that are made now are create to persuade or convince you of something. They should be called persuadumentaries or idealogumentaries, not documentaries. This one looks to be different. This seems like it will give you a inside look at the life of the Cowboy, both the good and the bad. It is being made by two guys that know what they are filming. John Langmore was a working cowboy turned photographer and Bud Force is a Texas filmmaker that has roots in agriculture. I'm hoping it will be a chance for people to create a connection with the men and women who are actually feeding this country. I'm hoping it will be half as good as this trailer makes it look and I'm hoping it will be a huge success. 

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P.S. I will soon be posting a review of the worst documentary ever created and its also about cows. 

Jim Mundorf