Arby's has officially stolen my meat carrot and screwed it all up.

By Jim Mundorf

A couple weeks back Arby’s became my hands down favorite fast food joint when they put out this statement. "Arby's is not one of the restaurant companies interested in working with Impossible Foods. The chances we will bring plant-based menu items to our restaurants, now or in the future, are absolutely impossible.” While the media and other restaurants have been fawning all over Beyond Meats (PETAs 2013 company of the year) and Impossible Foods, (unsafe to eat) it was nice to see Arbys grow a pair and stand up for real meat.

Then yesterday they went and completely stole my idea for the meat based carrot. On Sept. 2 2018 I posted the story, Introducing the Meat Based Carrot. In this article I stated, “Instead of taking a food that everyone loves...meat, and making a fake one out of foods that everyone doesn't really love... vegetables. Why not make fake foods...vegetables out of great tasting food... meat?” Yesterday, June 26 Arby’s put out a press release announcing there meat based carrot stating, “So we said if others can make meat out of vegetables, why can’t we make vegetables out of meat?” If that’s not a 100% complete and total rip off, then I don’t know what is.

The original gangster meat carrot. Sculpted by my Mother in law and announced Sept. 2 2018

The original gangster meat carrot. Sculpted by my Mother in law and announced Sept. 2 2018

Arby’s new fancy pants meat carrot announced June 26 2018

Arby’s new fancy pants meat carrot announced June 26 2018

I’m sure you are now saying, “Sure Jim, Arby’s saw your dumb little article and copied you.” Well I will have you know that my Carrot has been clicked on by over 30,000 people from all over the world. Last week a fella from Scotland asked me if he could share it on LinkedIn. (For the record everyone please share all of my stuff all the time.)

Number of page views since the release of the carrot.

Number of page views since the release of the carrot.

I don’t have any idea how good 30,000 views is in the grand scheme of things but I’d say its pretty good for some old Iowa farm boy, rolling up hamburger into a carrot, on his kitchen counter. I’d also say, its more than likely that somebody from Arby’s saw it, especially considering their choice of the carrot. Of all the vegetables in the universe you think they just happened to pick the exact same one I already did. Likely story.

The worst part about Arby’s dive into the fraud foods business is, is how terrible they are at it. I have put in a lot of time studying the fraud food companies of Imossible Foods and Beyond Meat, something that Arbys obviously has not been doing. First of all they called it a “Marrot.” Number one rule of being a fraud is you have to be all in. You don’t change the name of something, Impossible calls their garbage, “meat.” Beyond actually goes a step further and calls their globs of trash, “beef.” You can’t be honest in the fraud food game, not even a little bit. What Arbys made is a carrot they should call it that.

The second mistake they made is they used a carrot marinade. You can’t use a real part of the actual food in your fake food. That is the whole point of being a fraud food. Nothing can be real. You need to find some sort of chemical to get that orange color. In my article I suggested spray paint. And that’s another thing. This fake carrot looks healthy. Fraud foods can not be good for you. Part of the fun is guessing whether you’ll get sick or not. Here’s Beyond Meat’s Burger ingredients:


Just look at all that garbage. Acetic Acid? I have no idea what that is but there is no way that is good for you. Compare that with Arbys carrots ingredients of: turkey breast, carrot marinade and maple syrup powder. Get it together Arbys everyone know you use Ascorbic Acid to maintain color, (see above.)

Its obviously a great idea to show the absolute ridiculousness, of the fraud food business by making a fake food to look like real food out of other foods. Its a great way to show the stupidity of the vegan, plant based products while standing up for livestock producers and their products. I just wanted to get a little credit for being the first to the fraud vegetable game, that’s all. So to Arby’s, who stole my idea and got it out there to every major news outlet and in front of millions of viewers, I’ve got two words for ya…… THANK YOU.

P. S. My lawyer Jackie Chiles Esq. is currently asking for restitution for damages incurred, requiring Arby’s to provide me with a lifetime supply of smokehouse brisket sandwiches. Go get em Jackie.

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Jim Mundorf- Owns the Drover House and Branding Ring. He also works on his families farm and cattle ranch in Iowa.