Natalie Portman Just Made A Movie To Tell You How To Eat And Then Proclaims, "Just Let Me Eat What I Want!"

A documentary about eating animals sounds like a great idea.  I love eating animals and would like to see a movie all about it.  Unfortunately Actress Natalie Portman has made a documentary called Eating Animals. I hate to disappoint, but Natalie Portman is a vegan, and an animal rights extremist. She hasn't ate an animal since she was 9 years old. Sad, but true.  Eating Animals is not about how wonderful eating animals is, but its just more vegan propaganda. 

She went on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The interview is below. The first 4 minutes are the two of them telling each other how smart they are, (that's not a joke, they literally just sit there and tell each other how smart they are.) At about the 3:50 mark they start talking about the movie and from that point on everything she says is wrong. Like, "What the movie goes into a lot is factory farming which is 99 percent of how all animals and dairy, eggs, included are raised is in really awful conditions, but also its like the number one source of pollution..Their feces all of that goes into our water supply, into our soil that's why we have ecoli on vegetables is from sick animals, you know, its not, its not nice"  Wrong...wrong, wrong wrong. It seems like she just makes up this 99 percent of the top of her head, and its wrong.  I'm not sure what her definition of factory farming is but whatever it is, there is no way that 99 percent of animals are raised on what anyone would call a factory farm. I don't like to use made up stats to make a point, I rely on my own experience and some common sense. Last week I drove 1670 miles in a big loop through the states of Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. I didn't see much of anything that looked like a factory farming operation. What I did see was hundreds of small family owned farms and ranches. I'm not saying that there aren't some big operations out there, what I am saying is that the vast majority of food produced in this country comes from what most would consider small operations. 

I also didn't see a single animal being raised in, "really awful conditions." Mostly what I saw was cows and their calves and they all looked content. That's the thing with livestock, if they are raised in awful conditions they don't gain weight, they get sick, and they die. That's not good for anybody. Especially the people relying on those animals for their paycheck. Saying that livestock producers don't care about what they are producing just doesn't make any sense. It'd be like saying 99 percent of actresses don't care about if their movies are any good. It just doesn't make sense. 

Now, I'll be honest I don't know much about chickens or hogs, but I like to eat those animals and I would be interested in seeing a movie about how those animals are raised. What I am not interested in is watching a movie that is made by someone who hasn't eaten meat since they were 9 years old, (she admits this in the interview.)  It'd be nice to see a documentary about animals made by people who are actually documenting, instead of people who's main objective is to get you to stop eating meat. These movies are all the same. Dark lighting, ominous music, and a voice over from a pained and somber narrator. The camera focuses in on poor sad looking animal that may or may not have been planted there by the animal rights wacko filming. Its all carefully crafted BS, made to sucker people in who just don't know better. 

Maybe there are issues that deserve attention, but as long as these movies are made by the most extreme extremists, those issues will be ignored by rational people. Simply because you can't believe anything they tell you.  Show me a movie made by a sane person that actually has knowledge of the industry, that is something I would watch. 

Strangely enough a truly refreshing moment happens at the end of the interview. Natalie says, "I don't judge anybody for their choices. I don't like it when people are like, what if a carrot has feelings Natalie, and I'm like, just let me eat what I want!" Wow, She just spent all this time making this movie and came on a media tour to tell people how to eat and ends up saying,  "Just let me eat what I want!" Whoopsie. 

Then Colbert doesn't really realize that they are kind of showing how stupid the whole vegan movement is, and asks, "But what if? What if a carrot did have feelings Natalie? What would you eat, dirt? I guess you would eat dirt." Then it gets awkward. He pretty much just asked where does this madness end? When we are all eating dirt? And as they sit there laughing awkwardly you have to wonder if maybe for a split second they realized how stupid all of this really is.