The Quotable Lonesome Dove: Well Its A Motto, It Just Says Itself

I love a good quote. I am working on a series of the most quotable movies and books. I figured I would start it off with the most loved and quoted movie of all time, (at least at my house.) I don’t know what it is, I just love to hear Gus and Woodrow talk. I think its because it they are so real. They remind of some old timers I know that I could listen to for hours. So I picked out what I thought were the best lines from the best movie and here they are. Let me know if I missed any.


Gus- Go down to the river and eat that snake. Now go on and get outta here. (First line of the movie is Gus talking to his pigs.)

Woodrow- I’m an American, by God.

Gus- You was born in Scotland, as I recall but you was still dragging on the tit when they brought you over here.

Woodrow- I reckon I am as American as anyone from Tennesee.


Gus- Older the violin the sweeter the music.


Gus- Its hard to have fun in a place like this, but I do my best.



Jake- Plank wall won’t stop no 50 caliber bullet.

Gus- No but a Dentist will.

Gus- Nobody likes a Dentist anyway.


Woodrow- It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. (Giving Newt his first pitol.)

Gus- Fun! What would you ever know about fun Woodrow? You never had any fun in your whole dern life. Fun is my department.

Gus- I just like to keep everything balanced Woodrow. You do more work than you got to, so it’s my obligation to do less.


Gus- Jake’s always been to leaky a vessel for anyone to put much hope in.


Gus- Well we don’t rent pigs and I figure its better to say it right up front cause a man that does like to rent pigs is… he’s hard to stop.

Woodrow- And if that ain’t bad enough you got all them Greek words on there too.

Gus- I told you Woodrow along time ago, it ain’t Greek its Latin.

Woodrow- Well what does it say that Latin?

 Gus- Well it’s a motto, it just says itself, Yovaro yovaro fit yovaro…. (It actually reads Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia fit)

Woodrow- You don’t have no idea what it says. You found that in some old book or something. For all you know it invites people to rob us!

Gus- Well first man that comes along that can read Latin is invited to rob us as far as I’m concerned. I’d like the chance to shoot at a educated man once in my life.


Gus-Life is short. Shorter for some than for others.

Woodrow- He’s right boys. Best thing you can do with death is ride off from it.

Gus- Dern people making towns everywhere, its our fault too.


Gus- Well, Here’s to the sunny slopes of long ago.


Gus- Ain’t much of a crime, whacking a surly bartender.


Gus- Nother 20 years and we’ll be the Indians. They’ll be trying to stick us on the reservation just to get us out of the way.


Gus- When was you the happiest, Call?

Woodrow- Happiest about what?

Gus- About just being a live human being, free on the earth?


Gus- If you want any one thing too badly, it’s likely to turn out to be a disappointment. The only healthy way to live, as I see it is to learn to like all the little everyday things… like a sip of good whiskey in the evening, or a soft bed, or a glass of buttermilk, or say a…a feisty gentleman like myself.


Gus- They don’t know it but the wrath of the lords about to descend on them come sundown.


Gus- Yesterdays gone we can’t get it back.


Gus- Well a lady will slice your jugular quick as a Comanche.


Gus- What’s good for me ain’t necessarily good for the weak minded.


Woodrow- I hate rude behavior in a man, won’t tolerate it.

Gus- Me and Woodrow have always liked to get where we started for even if it don’t make a damn lick a sense.


Gus- I’d like to see one more place that ain’t settled before I take up the rocking chair.


Deets’s Grave stone Epitaph written by Woodrow- Josh Deets. Served with me 30 years. Fought in 21 engagements with Comanche and Kiowa. Cheerful in all weathers. Never shirked a task. Splendid behavior.


Gus- Ain’t nothing better than riding a fine horse in a new country.


Gus- No, I mean chase em just for the sport of it.


Gus- Hope you didn’t throw my leg away. Might wanna make a walking stick out of the bone.


Woodrow- What do you want legs for anyway, you don’t like to do nothing but sit on the porch and drink whiskey?

Gus- I like to kick a pig every once in a while. How would I do that?


Gus- I walk this earth my whole life with my pride see. Now, if that’s lost let the rest be lost with it cause there’s certain my vanity won’t abide.


Gus- Dangerous business, writing two women at the same time.


Gus- By God Woodrow its been quite a party ain’t it?


Doctor- People promise all sorts of thing to the dying its been my observation they generally forget the whole business in a few days.

Woodrow- I don’t.


Blacksmith- Everybody wants to see this one hang Muy Mal, bad.

Woodrow- Who is it some politician?


Woodrow- Well there you are Augustus. I guess this’ll teach me to be more careful about what I promise in the future.


Woodrow- A man of vision you say… Yeah, hell of a vision.  


The Motto

For your own motto, branded into the highest quality hair on cowhide, that will keep your drink cold. Click Here, I don’t know what it says. Its a motto, it just says itself, but for all I know it invites people to rob you.