The Sad Reality of Athletes Going Vegan and Getting Injured

I had no idea about the effects of veganism on athletes. All I knew was how much vegans love to lie to promote their wackadoodle agenda. When I first heard about the new documentary, Game Changers, a film all about how great the vegan or plant based diet works for athletes I thought, “Here we go. Another bullshit documentary financed by animal rights nuts.” The two big name athletes connected to the film are, tennis star Novak Djokovic, and, basketball star Chris Paul. Both are listed as executive producers. When Djokovic won Wimbledon, I figured it wouldn’t be long before it was all being shoved in our faces and kids would be told they could only be successful in sports if they went vegan. But then something happened, Djokovic got hurt.


A study came out last year that was paid for by the US Humane Research Council, (animal rights nuts) and they found that 84 percent of the morons that decide to go vegan or vegetarian quit the diet usually with in a year. This is because their bodies simply can’t handle it. Actress Anne Hathaway explained to People Magazine what it was like to have meat after going years without it, “So I had a piece of salmon and my brain felt like a computer rebooting…I just didn’t feel good or healthy,” she said in November, adding that she was ‘not strong.’ And after the salmon in Iceland, she ‘just felt better.”

So when Djokovic got hurt I wondered what would become of his stupid Game Changers movie. Would one of the stars being injured hurt the movies credibility? Turns out he wasn’t the only one.


NBA point guard Chris Paul is the other executive producer of Game Changers. In his last season he was plagued with a lingering hamstring injury that caused him to miss 5 weeks in December.

The one NFL player that seems to have a large part in the movie is Derrick Morgan. Morgan was a linebacker for the Tennessee Titans. In the trailer he is shown saying about his plant based diet, “I was recovering better, not getting as sore.” In his 2018 season he had knee and shoulder injuries and retired because of his injuries at the end of the season. Morgan was quoted in Forbes as saying, “I’m at a time where, physically and mentally, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to continue.” That does not sound like he was recovering better. Remember those lies I was talking about.

So the most recognizable athletes involved with this movie, are either currently injured, were injured in the last season they played, or are retired because they were injured. This brought more questions. I knew there were other dumbass athletes that were vegan, so I googled how they were doing. The results were mind blowing!

NFL Vegans

Arian Foster: The most successful vegan athlete in the NFL retired mid- season in 2016 at the age of 30, because of lingering injuries.

Deandre Hopkins: Texans wide receiver, spent all 2018 season on the injury report but did play every game. Was injured in the playoffs tearing shoulder ligaments from the bone. He is currently limited in practice, but playing with a rib injury.


Brian Orakpo: Redskins Linebacker missed the final 3 games of the 2018 season with a shoulder injury and retired after the season at age 33.

Jurell Casey: Titans DE suffered a season ending knee injury in Dec. 2018. Was injured in this years preseason and put on the teams Physically unable to perform list.

NBA Vegans

Kyrie Irving: Has had season ending injuries in 2015 and 2018. Has missed at least 15 games because of injuries in 3 of the last 4 seasons.


Demarcus Cousins: In January 2018 he tore his achilles and took a year to recover. Last year he suffered a quad injury in the playoffs. Last month he tore his ACL getting ready for this season.

Porter Brothers: Stumbled on this truly sad story. Michael and Jontay were raised vegetarian and switched to vegan. Michael has a bad back that limited him to play in only 3 college games. He was still drafted in 2018 to Denver and had back surgery that summer. He didn’t play a single game of his rookie season. This summer trying to comeback he suffered a knee sprain. His younger brother Jontay was expected to go pro but tore his ACL and MCL in college. Six months later he tore his ACL again. He was not drafted.

MLB Vegans (Hard to find)

CC Sabathia: Yankess pitcher, went vegan in Jan. 2018. In August he was put on the 10 day injured list for the third time this season.

Pat Neshek: Phillies pitcher, strained his hamstring in June and was unable to recover, had season ending surgery last week.

WOW! Now I don’t blame anyone for questioning this list because it is unbelievable, and I am 100% biased against these people, but I did not pick and chose to get this list. I just typed in the sport and vegan, took the top results and searched each player to see if they have been injured recently. Feel free to do it yourself.

Tom Brady is listed as vegan by a number of vegan sources, but he eats meat, so he’s not. Andrew Luck is also listed as being vegan, (which would make sense) but I did more searching and I don’t think that he is. Colin Kaepernick is a vegan and well…you know. Cam Newton is now a vegan but he has only played two games as one, so I didn’t list him. In those two games he has looked like a shell of his former self.

Cam Newton as a meat eater.

Cam Newton as a meat eater.

Cam Newton as a vegan.

Cam Newton as a vegan.

The movie Game Changers premiered on September 16th. On that same day Alex Morgan the most famous vegan women’s soccer player, announced she had injured her knee and would be out for the season. I feel like I could go on forever. The trail of broken bodies that this insane movement has left seems to be never ending. Why? Because no one is talking about it. These athletes are being sold a bill of goods and it is destroying their bodies and their careers. It seems like this should be the biggest story in sports and fitness, but because I know how the media works I doubt it ever will be. Right now you can’t hardly turn on ESPN without seeing a Burger King “plant-based” trash burger commercial, and that’s what matters to them.

I’ll admit that because I am a mean, vengeful SOB, while I was going through the list reading all the injuries I thought it was pretty damn funny these idiots fell for this line of crap and got hurt, but then I got to the Porter brothers and it wasn’t funny anymore. It was just sad. Here are two exceptional athletes that looked like they were bound for the NBA. It seems they never ate any meat growing up, and now both of their bodies have fallen apart before the age of 21.

The trailer for Game Changers starts off with, plant based shill, Arnold Schwarzenegger slurring in his mentally handicapped sounding voice, “Dey showed us commercials selling dat idea dat, ‘real man eat meat,’ but you got to undastand dats mocketing, dat’s not based on reality.” The reality is this, all 3 professional athletes associated with film are injured or have been injured in the last year, and one of them retired because of it. The reality is every single vegan athlete that I looked up is either injured or had been injured during the last season they played, and that is one sad reality.

Update: Sept. 20, 2019 Cam Newton is now injured with a sprained foot and will not be playing in the near future. Unreal.

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Jim Mundorf- Owns the Drover House and Branding Ring. He also works on his families farm and cattle ranch in Iowa.